Для всех желающих мы с радостью поможем оформить предзаказ по специальной цене - со скидкой 900 грн:


Размер S cо встроенным USB-портом и Power bank 4400 грн* 3500 грн

Размер М cо встроенными весми 4900 грн* 4000 грн

Размер L со встроенными весами 5400 грн* 4500 грн



Условия осуществления предзаказа: полная оплата до 21.12.2018 на карточку Приват Банк;

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Set of organizers
Set of organizers
800 UAH
800 UAH
  • Weight S: 33 g
  • Weight M: 51 g
  • Weight L: 89 g
  • Size S: 18*12 cm
  • Size M: 27*17 cm
  • Size L: 39*30 cm
  • Material: polyester with polyurethane print
  • Bolt: waterproof lightning YKK
  • Details: elastic cord treated with a shrink tube
  • Inner space: each size consists of one main compartment
More details

Getting things done on a trip is much easier. Together with LITKOVSKAYA we have created a set of organizers for documents and gadgets in three sizes.

The largest will be a stylish protective gadget case, laptop chargers and a mobile phone will comfortably fit in a medium-sized case, while the smallest will be designed to protect important items such as documents, keys, bank cards or headphones.

Already the iconic slogan "FULL OF LOVE" will be a pleasant reminder of the importance of your inner condition.

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