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Together with the Have A Rest smart-suitcases brand, we learned some secrets and life hacks from the experienced travelers Anna Andres and Vladimir Sivokon.

For someone, the journey starts with the moment of buying a ticket to the city of the dream, for someone — in a second when the plane takes off from the runway. But in fact, every journey begins with a suitcase — with its selection and anticipation of the packing process. Even the most choosy travel gourmets fall in love at first sight with the Have A Rest smart models not only because of the impressive color palette. Just pay attention to the built-in USB port and the Power Bank in the S size suitcases (hand luggage), which ensure staying in touch even during the long flights, and the built-in scales in the M and L size models, with which you can find out the weight of your luggage before arriving at the airport. Together with the Have A Rest brand, which considers its mission to inspire people to travel, we decided to make a list of the most picturesque places in the world, which are worth visiting.

The best friends — the model Anna Andres and the head of Firework Sound Vladimir Sivokon, who are traveling non-stop, talked about their favorite cities and countries for an active and relaxing vacation. They also shared the information on where the cleanest sea in the world is, and give up the names of their favorite food locations.

Anna is wearing: jacket by Eleventy; dress by Zac Zac Posen; sandals by Kendall + Kylie. Vova is wearing: shirt by Michael Kors
suitcases by Have A Rest

1. Mexico

“I highly recommend visiting the city of Tulum — just an incredible place in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, the Mayan Riviera region. Come here if you need a complete reset of consciousness and want to forget about everything. Incredible nature, amazing parks, the cleanest ocean and, what is oddly enough, rather vivid nightlife, will facilitate this greatly. Minuses — high humidity and air temperature, but local tequila will help to brighten up these inconveniences. Tulum is a place where no complicated and elegant outfits are required. All you need there is comfortable and spacious clothing that complements the feeling of total relaxation. By the way, not far from Tulum in the town of Chichen Itza there are Mayan pyramids, and they are certainly worth seeing. You will also find real Mexican flavor in the numerous restaurants and bars for the locals. We stayed at the Be Tulum hotel, it is incredibly simple and will appeal to the travelers looking for romance and harmony with nature,” says Vladimir Sivokon.

2. City of Marrakesh, Morocco

“I went to Marrakesh in the holy month of Ramadan in June. The temperature there did not drop below 35-37 degrees during my stay, but the air is very dry there, so the heat does not seem so burning. The first memory that comes to mind when mentioning Morocco is the villa where Yves Saint Laurent lived. For those who are not indifferent to the history of fashion, this is the must-see object. The designer’s house is located in the magnificent Majorelle Garden, which, like a lush green oasis, is spread in the middle of the Sahara desert sands. You will definitely remember the deep blue color of the building, the lushness of plants and flowers brought here from around the world, and cacti up to 10 meters long.

Costume by Simon Miller; shoes by Kendall + Kylie; shawl by Bvlgari
suitcases by Have A Rest

The second unusual location of the old city once again emphasizes its contrasting and versatile beauty. The central square of Jemaa el Fna is noisy, filled with bright colors and spicy aromas. Life is in full swing here from early morning until late at night: music plays loudly, at every step you can meet snake charmers, alchemists, magicians, acrobats, sellers of souvenirs, pomegranate and orange fresh, local dishes. I bought bright, hand-embroidered babouches shoes with an elongated toe cap and miniature samovars, similar to Aladdin’s lamps there — my loved ones were delighted with such gifts.

I lived at the Royal Mansour Hotel — it is believed that the best spa in all of Morocco is here. I confirm this with confidence.

Clothes suitable for such journeys are long cotton and linen sundresses. I don’t advise bringing expensive equipment and jewelry here, since Morocco is a very poor country,” advises Anna Andres.

3. State of California

“Los Angeles, San Francisco or Palm Springs — California is beautiful in its diversity. The climate here is very pleasant, dry and warm at any time of the year.

This American state combines harmoniously gloss and simplicity, museums with world masterpieces and modern gastronomic works of art.

My latest discovery is the small town of Palm Springs in Southern California. This is where we stayed during our visit to the Coachella festival. Although the city is located in the Sonora desert and there are no ponds nearby, the feeling that you are in a seaside resort does not leave you for a minute. In Palm Springs there are many small, very atmospheric restaurants, boutique hotels, it even has its local “Walk of Stars”, on which you can find the names of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. It may seem strange to you, but the best thing you can do in this city is to do nothing! The Hollywood stars tired of close attention in non-stop mode run away here for solitude and relaxation. There are few noisy parties in the city, but there is a great number of magnificent parks, golf courses, a museum of modern art, a huge number of retro cars. And the locals are incredibly colorful and responsive here — perhaps this is the perfect place to meet old age.

For the extreme lovers I highly recommend taking a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway cable car and visiting the San Andreas Fault,” Vladimir shared his impressions.

4. Italy

“It is very convenient to travel around Italy. By renting a car, you can travel half the country in just one trip. Italy is very diverse: each of its regions is unique. I love Capri, Florence, Venice. Rome is the city where you feel the time and history of your skin.

Italy is the most delicious country in the world, where you certainly gain a few extra pounds. As a rule the best restaurants look very modest here — let this be your guide.

If you want to experience a gastronomic orgasm, go to the city of Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany: there are the most “delicious” restaurants in all of Italy. My favorite ones are Bocconcino (they have incredible sweet pizza with berries and mascarpone, as well as mascarpone and ham), Ristorante Bistrot (I love local pasta with bottarga) and Bania Nette (for an incredible pizza with pear and gorgonzola).

Costume by Alice + Olivia
suitcases by Have A Rest

However, I advise you to train hard after inevitable overeating. For example, after lunch, I play tennis for an hour, then work out in a gym (for 40 minutes) and then run home.

My latest discovery in Italy is the ancient town of Pietrasanta, which today is called the "city of artists". It combines history and contemporary art surprisingly. Right on the ancient streets you will see huge installations — this is an unforgettable sight!

The Michelin-starred Martinatika restaurant is a place where the locals come specially to taste divinely cooked meat.

If you like a beach holiday, consider this moment: in the Tuscan region the water is very dirty, but in Portofino, Amalfi and Capri it is clean and transparent,” the model says.

5. Barcelona

“Over the past few years, this city has become almost native, probably thanks to my family, which loves it as much as I do. For me, Barcelona feels like the closest version of California. This city is a large and lazy metropolis on the seashore.

Gaudi's masterpieces, Picasso Museum, theaters, oceanarium — these are cultural locations worthy of attention.

Besides, Barcelona regularly hosts many entertainment activities. For example, during my last visit, I visited Beyonce, Katy Perry, Shakira and Rick Ross shows — you definitely won't get bored on the beach.

Anna is wearing: costume by Alice + Olivia; hat by Ruslan Baginskiy. Vova is wearing: shirt by Aspesi
suitcases by Have A Rest

The restaurants are a separate and broad theme. Barcelona is about sangria, paella, excellent olives and jamon: there are no “unpalatable” establishments here indeed! My favorite is meat Asador de Aranda and fish El Cangrejo Loco. I also advise visiting the Burbujas bar opened by the ex-fashion editor of ELLE magazine Alena Glukhikh: there are delicious oysters, tartars and the excellent assortment of wines. I strongly advise you to go for a cocktail at the Monument Hotel: you will certainly be surprised by the presentation and variety of assortment. Restaurant minuses — lazy and long service, but after a few days you begin to relate to this fact with understanding. And on Sunday it's worth going to the Encants flea market. Rare paintings, vintage furniture and all kinds of junk will complement your idea of the city. Once I bought a 30-kilogram vintage mirror there, which now stands in my living room,” recalls Vladimir.

6. Maui Island, Hawaii

“The trip to Maui Island in Hawaii is one of the most unforgettable trips. It is better to fly there from January to March, because very during this period you can see whales sailing to the local coast during the mating season. This is one of the most incredible shows that I have ever seen.

In addition, Maui is an ideal place for surfing, golf and beach holidays. It will take quite a long time to fly here, but the lack of compatriots justifies these efforts. The Japanese, Australians and Californians like to relax here. The weather on the island can differ dramatically: while the sun is always shining in one part, then in the other one there is constant rain.

Anna is wearing: jacket by Dondup; shawl by Bvlgari. Vova is wearing: shirt by Michael Kors
suitcases by Have A Rest

Here you can climb an already inactive volcano, as well as go hiking to the rainforest. Maui has a huge number of restaurants, which are dominated by Japanese, American and Hawaiian cuisines, as well as a huge selection of seafood and incredibly delicious fruits. I will separately advise the Japanese restaurant Morimoto and fish Cuatro, by the way, the chief of the latter has Ukrainian roots. Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is also a solid five out of five,” says Vladimir.

“Hawaii is lovely. The problem is it takes 27 hours to get to heaven on the Earth. It was so for us, for example. The route was: Kyiv - Frankfurt - San Francisco - Hawaii. We flew to Maui — this island is smaller as compared to Oahu (the capital is Honolulu).

Here we went on a hike through the rainforest, where we watched animals, examined bright plants and fruits, and even fell under heavy rain. Keep in mind: put on comfortable sneakers for a walk in the forest. I made a fatal mistake: I went in flip flops and drowned in water and fell into the pits all the way. Despite this, the emotions remained unforgettable. I was scared, and I did not take surfing lessons, but I enjoyed paddle boarding with pleasure.

Almost all the time we stayed there we were vegans, eating mainly local vegetables and fruits. The most delicious papaya in the world is in Hawaii,” adds Anna.

Jacket by Eleventy; dress by Zac Zac Posen; sandals by Kendall + Kylie
suitcases by Have A Rest

7. Nevada, Las Vegas

“There is no point in telling a lot about this city: you just need to visit it once. Then, of course, you will want to forget everything that happened to you there, but this is impossible. Casinos, clubs, shows and concerts — this is why the tourists from all over the world come here to have a good time, as for the last time, and spend money.

The best idea is to go to Las Vegas during the New Year holidays period — this is the season of entertainment in Nevada. You should visit the Le Rêve show at the Cirque du Soleil Circus. Tuxedos and dresses will come in handy In Vegas but it doesn’t matter if you don’t take them along: shopping experience is great here.

Anna is wearing: dress by Aje; glasses by LGR
suitcases by Have A Rest

You should also book a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon — this is an amazing sight! When choosing a hotel, pay attention to the Wynn twin towers — this is a whole city of entertainment and restaurants in which the concept of time ceases to exist. One of the minuses of staying here is a constant hangover, so keep yourself under control,” Vladimir Sivokon shares with a smile.

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