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We would like to express gratitude for your involvement and purchasing the Have A Rest smart-suitcases of the Ultra Violet charity color. Together we help those who need it the most.

Every month, 50% of profit from the sales of all smart-suitcases of Ultra Violet color is directed to the Charity Foundation “Tvoya Opora”.
Thanks to you, we have already managed to collect and transfer the amount of 1 005 841 UAH.

Read the story of the children you helped save below:
1. Ilya Zakharov
2. Nazar Kalmikov
3. Fedor Storozhuk
4. David Gubenya
5. Maxim Lungu
6. Stanislav Tereshchuk
7. Valery Cherednichenko
8. Bogdan Kirilchenko
9. Sofia Gergel
10. Matvey Paholko
11. Alice Stepats'ka
12. Timur Zabara
13. Sergey Kanalosh
14. Luka-Sviatoslav Dyachinsky
15. Mikhail Lymarenko
16. Roman Kalashnik
17. Anna Shubina
18. Ivan Shamanovsky
19. Nadezhda Kolomiychuk
20. B'yanka Zmykalo
21. Ksyusha Moskalenko

You can always find current reports by #CHARITYHAVEAREST

We would like to express our special thanks to our beloved partners:
Blushhh store (Kiev)
Land store (Kiev)
Oh My Look (Kiev)
Kokon store (Odessa)
Corner store (Odessa)

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