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Maincream features a joint project by Have A Rest and Jaguar F-Pace: Alina Dolinina, Yana Kenzirovskaya, Denys Logvinenko, Santa Dimopulos and Faina Tedeeva tell us about their travel preparations, rituals and how they choose their destinations.


About spontaneity and trip planning



Yana Kenzirovskaya, Model & DJ:

For me, travelling is always about long-term planning. I get high from the planning process and the pre-trip anticipation. I don’t like spontaneity because of modeling — you often find out about the next photoshoot a day or two beforehand. That’s why I like to prepare my luggage three or four days before the flight. During my free time, I just try to finish up all of my work and start dreaming about my future adventures.



Alina Dolinina, Have A Rest Smart Suitcase Brand Founder:

I like different types of travel and try to do a lot of exploring. If it’s a family vacation, I prepare more carefully to make the trip as comfortable as possible for all of my family members. And the same goes for hen parties: when everyone has a family you need to choose a date and to arrange it with your husbands. But a few days abroad with my girls is definitely worth it. Organizing a romantic getaway is much easier. We can even plan everything in just a few days or hop on a flight at the drop of a hat.



Denys Logvinenko, Havas Digital Kyiv Managing Partner:

I prefer to plan winter and spring holidays, as well as birthday trips in advance. All my other journeys are spontaneous. Some time ago I realized that trips are like a personal retreat for me. Every month I need to get away to change my routine. I want to discover as much as possible and try to find the most comfortable place out there.



Santa Dimopulos, Influencer, Wellness & Beauty Expert:

Usually I only plan long family vacations ahead of time. So, my trips with friends are truly spontaneous.



Faina Tedeeva, Imagehouse Design Studio Creative Director:

Trips with friends are always a spontaneous decision for me. We can decide here and now and leave the next day. But if it’s a family vacation, I try to plan it a few weeks or even months ahead of time. Unfortunately, I hardly ever buy tickets in advance, though. I hope I’ll pick up that habit someday.



About trip expectations

Alina: For some, the journey begins the moment they get on the plane. For me, it starts right after I decide where I’m going. I begin to dream and visualize my trip, to read about the place and its sights, to pack my clothes. And of course, to choose the right suitcase!



Yana: Oh, you’ve mentioned the clothes you pack beforehand. Honestly, it used to be a huge problem for me. I’d take half of my wardrobe with me! But even then I’d come back home with overweight luggage. Thankfully, I solved this problem and learnt to mix and match my outfits.

Denys: The most important thing is to not forget to book a hotel room and a table in the restaurant you’ve dreamt about visiting. If everything is okay with that, your vacation should be perfect.


About travel rituals

Yana: Except for the necessary beauty marathon, my main travel rituals are: 1) buying a new book; 2) making a new playlist. And arrivederci — I’m ready to travel!

Denys: My trip starts the moment I put the “out-of-the-office” notification in my calendar. I like notifications which remind me about something exciting to come.



Santa: I have no time for the trip build-up. That’s why travel rituals are not my thing. My main anti-ritual is to pack at the last moment.


About their favorite journeys

Alina: I have several important memories. One of them is about our climbing mountains in Tibet. It was a wonderful mix of hiking, extreme conditions, mental healing and relaxation. I would like to replicate that experience.

Another memory is about Maldives. I’m an aesthete, so the image of extremely blue water and tiny houses alongside it inspires me very much.

And I love our hen parties. Actually, during one of them in Amsterdam, my brand, Have A Rest, was born. A few friends of mine had overweight luggage. That’s when I came up with an idea to create a suitcase with a built-in scale which could be a perfect accessory for a self-confident woman.

Yana: My favorite trip was to Tokyo. I had to work there for two months but I was so impressed that I stayed there for a whole year. I’m absolutely in love with that city. Modernity and old Japanese traditions exist in harmony there.



Denys: I remember my very first time in Israel — that trip was amazing. That’s where I acquired wanderlust. Since then travelling is one of the most important parts of my life. I also want to go back to the USA and make a cross-country trip from California to Florida with some cool guys. Like in the movies.

Santa: If I had to choose one country, it would definitely be Japan. It’s like another planet! I have other great memories about South Africa and the Serengeti District. But southern France and Italy are always in my heart, too.

Faina: It’s a bit too hard to choose only one memory. Thankfully, we are able to remember the good ones and to forget the others.




About travel dreams

Yana: I’ve never been to Iceland, New Zealand, or Australia. But I definitely want to visit them.

Alina: I dream about Africa. I’d like to feed giraffes, to take a safari trip and a hot air balloon flight. Another hot spot for me is Bolivia. I want to visit the white Uyuni lake — it looks amazing!

Denys: I’ve planned to visit Tuscany, South Africa, and South Korea this year. So I hope this plan comes true soon.

Santa: I want to go far away and spend some time with my family and friends. The Maldives would be a great option.



Faina: My perfect journey depends on my perspective. I try to see the positives in every situation. That’s why every trip is unforgettable for me.

I dream about visiting Ibiza or Mykonos with my friends and having a restful vacation, dancing and chilling out there. We did that in Odessa recently — and it went really well. So now we want to replicate it somewhere abroad.



When you have your perfect Have A Rest suitcase, travel mode is on. Pack your Have A Rest suitcase and let the adventure begin!

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