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Zoya Litvin, Sabina Musina, Michelle Andrade and Anastasia Masyutkina D'Ambrosio in the JS special project for the first Ukrainian brand of smart-suitcases Have A Rest

Finally, there appeared a product the patriot jetsetters dreamt about — the first Ukrainian brand of the smart-suitcases Have A Rest. What else is needed to conquer the world effectively, except for a stylish, durable suitcase, equipped with the scales and the USB port for charging gadgets? JS heroines, who have reached the summit in different spheres of life, supplemented the list with their recommendations and recipes for success.

Zoya Litvin
Founder of the Novopechersk School

The main quality of the successful person is optimism

The ability to always hope for the best, see the best in people and not get upset over trifles. After all, if something did not work out the first time, optimism makes you persistent, gives you the strength to continue.

Faith in labor

For sure, it’s easier to attribute the success of others to luck. People do not feel comfortable to think that success is the result of tremendous work, because then you have to compare yourself with others and understand that you probably just didn’t do enough. It’s easier to explain everything with good luck.

Coat by Wonder, trousers by With Paper, sweater by Caterina & Me, hat by Chapelle

Coming out of the comfort zone

It was a great challenge for me to hold a lesson for children for the first time. After all, this is a very unpredictable event: you imagine them listening to you in wide-mouthed astonishment, but in reality they may be not interested at all, because they are not set up for studying now. But you grow only when you leave the comfort zone, so you should not be afraid of such situations. I’m no longer even interested if there are no challenges.

Last fail

Not so long ago, I left for the airport without a suitcase in the full confidence that my husband had taken it. And he was sure that I took a suitcase.

About traveling

I’m constantly on the road: every two-three weeks a business trip necessarily occurs. Over the past year, there have been many more such trips than relaxation. The best trips for me are those where I can deep into the culture of another country different from ours. Such directions as Peru, India and Japan were the most striking for me. In Peru, I also managed to climb Machu Picchu, see life in Lima, and ride local trains. In India I was impressed with people, with their omnipresent optimism and kindness: it is worth a lot when a poor Indian, who lives almost in a cardboard box, shares with you a branch of bananas because he thinks you are hungry.

Coat by Shako Coat, dress by Jenadin

People are my inspiration

Fortunately, I am very lucky to meet a lot of amazing, smart and kind people. And this is not only about my friends or relatives, but also about the random people I meet in my way. For example, recently at the Geneva airport I came across the amazing border guard who went beyond the official situation and kindly told me about his city, advising several interesting places.

Sabina Musina
co-owner of the G.Bar salons chain
Location: FILM.UA Film Studio

bathrobe Zimmermann, ankle boots are the property of the heroine

The main thing is to be the best at what you do

This is impossible without self-confidence and creativity. For me, a sense of humor is very important, this is what I cannot do without. We must try to invest more in ourselves and our knowledge, always strive for novelty to have the competitive differences that are so necessary in the crazy modern world.

Successful business and motherhood are compatible

My main problem is the lack of time. It is very difficult to combine work and family, but you must always remember that children are happy when their parents are. And I'm happy only doing my favorite business. Therefore, it is important just to distribute the resources properly. For example, Kira and I always have breakfast together, I read bedtime stories to her, and we spend the whole weekend together, and the rest of the time I devote to the business.

Fails are instructive

Once, Kira and I were going on vacation and, of course, took along three full suitcases. Imagine my state of mind when on arrival to the destination point we found out that our luggage has been lost. I did not know how to survive with only slippers bought at the airport, and a pair of T-shirts. But as a result, even despite the loss, we had a good rest. And what is mostimportant, our suitcases were found when we returned home. This was a great lesson for me: since then I have never taken a lot of clothing on vacation.

Go through failures to become stronger

Draw the right conclusions and move on. The main thing is not to reproach yourself for a situation that has already happened, but to approach it carefully and calmly.

costume by THEORY, polo neck by CALVIN KLEIN, shoes by ZARA

My perfect morning

To wake up to the sound of the surf and the birds singing, and not with the sound of the alarm at 7 a.m.

Since I don’t know on what side of the bed it is better to wake up, I consider both of them right. Also two glasses of water on an empty stomach are the key to a productive day.

People are the main sources of inspiration

I am so happy to live here and now and be able to touch, love, speak and be friends with all these wonderful people. All that I have, I get thanks to them, and I am infinitely grateful for this!

Michelle Andrade
singer, TV host
Location: Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv

Skirt and top by Tommy Hilfiger & Gigi Hadid, shoes by Christian Louboutin

The main commandments of the successful performer

Belief in yourself, in your team and in what you do. Diligence and the ability to follow through the line are qualities of vital importance!

It’s important to be the artist first of all

It is necessary to charge everyone with a positive and good mood, even when you are tired, unwell or simply not in the mood. Busy schedule full of concerts, filming and tours are also not easy, but very interesting and exciting.

Funny fail

One of my performances was so emotional that during the dance I started pouring the audience with water, but at some point the bottle slipped out of my hands and hit the guy who stood by the stage (laughs). It was very awkward, but this so-called fail brought me even closer to the audience and made the atmosphere at the concert warmer.

Learning to cope with failures

I train myself to respond to them correctly. I think you should never compare yourself with others, only with yourself — who you were yesterday or a year ago. We should regard our own mistakes as guiding signs: they guide and help us develop. It is not scary to make mistakes, because this is the only way to understand what is good and what is not, and where you should move on.

Right beginning of the day

I need to get enough sleep, have a full breakfast, recharge with music and good mood — this way the day will be mega productive.

Top and trousers by Monstra

Music is inspiration

I get inspired by music, talented artists and, most importantly, my production team MOZGI Entertainment, in which everyone is an example for me.

Anastasia Masyutkina D’Ambrosio
founder of the EatDressTravel platform

Costume by Meef

Mandatory quality of successful people

Plan and do all that you planned. Know clearly what you want. Be able to listen, be sociable and smiling.

Traveler’s fail

Two years ago we traveled by car in Latin America, and we had no connection for two days. I decided that I could navigate the map and the stars perfectly and everyone should listen to me. But this ended with the fact that on the first night we did not find our hotel and slept in a car surrounded by hyenas. I don’t take on such responsibility anymore.

Last year’s best trips and useful apps

Last year I had the super-bright trip, during which I visited Aruba, Colombia and Costa Rica. There were many flights and transfers, but it was worth it. If everything is planned correctly, no difficulties arise. I’ll tell you a secret that, as well as Google Maps, is not always the best option, because there are and Waze, which can do much better with similar tasks.

The algorithm for dealing with failures is simple

Get upset, sit for five minutes with a cup of coffee and chocolate, and then start all over again based on the previous experience.

My perfect morning has no rules

If I get enough sleep, this is the best that can be so all day will be perfect.

My inspiration is the road

Most ideas come to me when I'm driving and listening to my favorite music.

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