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Nadia Dorofeeva, Dasha Kolomiets and LAYAH on how to relax and what to take along on a trip.

Traditionally, as one of the New Year's promises, we solemnly promised ourselves to travel more. Of course, we haven’t planned a single trip yet, but we already managed to discuss travels with Nadia Dorofeeva, LAYAH and Dasha Kolomiets in our special project with the first Ukrainian brand of smart-suitcasesHave A Rest.

Our heroines advise not to forget passports and dress warm, and we — not to take too many things to have enough space for treasures you got in souvenir shops. By the way, Have A Rest suitcases are equipped with the scales so that you know exactly how many free kilograms left, and even have a built-in USB port — to recharge a smartphone discharged by endless photoshooting. In short, read the tips and choose the color of your suitcase.



Nadia Dorofeeva
Singer and co-founder of SO DODO concept store

How do you like to relax?

I have a rest quite rarely, but if there is an opportunity to lounge, I sleep for 12 hours. I always enjoy family vacations: I spent this summer vacation with my mother in Turkey, for example. It was unforgettable, she was happy with everything around, and I was happy with her. I think that the company is especially important in traveling, I like to relax with my husband and our friends.

And how do you prefer to travel: light-handed or with a huge suitcase? What are your must- haves on trip?

I love suitcases! I have a lot of them in different colors and sizes. They are an integral part of my life, because my team and I tour constantly. I like to joke that all my free time I spend packing and then unpacking my suitcase. It is always filled with necessary and favorite things, so I’m so afraid not to find it on the baggage conveyor at the airport.

I always take along a cap, several pairs of sunglasses and a pair of bright shoes. The latter looks good with plain outfits and super-volume hoodies. Also my travel set includes a cosmetic bag, I never travel without it. Temporary tattoos are also stored in it, I always take them along. I pack the concert costume as compactly as possible, and in between performances I like to wear my soft and warm pajamas.

Nadia is wearing: sweatshirt and bomber jacket by Acne Studios; culottes by Tibi; sneakers by Off-White; suitcases by Have A Rest.

Can you recall some funny stories from a trip?

Once I had to go to one city, and left — to another. I just confused the platforms and got on the wrong train. I remember that then Vova [Dantes] went to help me with his friend. And at that moment I realized that Vova would be a cool husband (laughs). But actually this happens to me rarely, and everyone knows me as a responsible person.

Do you have some kind of road mascot?

A pair of warm stylish socks. This talisman not only warms, but also helps me to feel home comfort anywhere. If you want to please me, then give me socks.

What advice would you give the traveler?

Combine comfort and style even on the most distant trips and travels.



How do you like to relax?

As a rule, I do not rest for long. I just have to change the situation around completely: go to another city, go shopping, eat delicious food, visit museums or galleries. 5 days is the ideal time to restore strength. I rarely leave for a long period — maybe once, less often twice a year. Although I must admit that I want to see Japan when the cities are sinking in the petals of blooming sakura, such a trip will take at least two weeks. It seems to me that Japan is another planet, some kind of outer space, completely unearthly. So, returning to the topic of long trips: if I nevertheless leave, for example, to the sea, it is important for me to retire. I do not sunbathe at all, but hide somewhere with a laptop and work. So, long flights are not a problem for me either: I spend time doing my favorite thing — I write music and lyrics.

And how do you prefer to travel: light-handed or with a huge suitcase? What are you must- haves on the trip?

The set of clothing I take along is always different — it depends on the case. But actually I'm a big proponent of hand luggage. I do not trust carriers and airlines: when I know that something important is in my suitcase, I worry about the safety of these things. Therefore, in order not to get into unpleasant situations, I take everything the most important in my hand luggage. I can’t leave my house without thermal water, eye patches and masks — after a long flight my face looks tired, and these beautiful little things save me. I never hide my laptop and pajamas far. And indeed, if I could, I would always carry along a pillow. The quality of my sleep depends on it: if the pillow is uncomfortable, it is better to sleep without it at all. Perhaps it's time to think about how to allocate a place for it.

LAYAH is wearing: earrings by Chakshyn; sweater by P.A.R.O.S.H.; raincoat by TAGO; ankle boots by Helen Marlen; suitcase by Have A Rest.

Can you recall some funny stories from a trip?

Once I arrived at the airport and found out that my handbag is missing — I mean I do not have it all. It stayed at home with the most necessary things: passport, money, keys and other things. I was just lucky that I managed to get home, take it and hop on my plane. And I often buy tickets for a flight late at night, and I leave already in the early morning. I love spontaneous trips — they are usually filled with special emotions and memories.

Do you have some kind of road mascot?

No, I'm not attached to such things, but these thoughts about the pillow!..

What advice would you give the traveler?

Prepare your passport in the evening and do not forget to check its availability several times.


Dasha Kolomiets
Presenter and DJ

How do you like to relax?

I am a crazy traveler. Most of my travels are related to music — various festivals or concerts. This year I got lucky: I attended a lot of concerts of my dream — for example, Björk in Tbilisi and the Santa Barbara festival, where LP and Macy Gray performed, the Open Air festival where I finally heard the live of Radiohead, and the Tomorrowland electronic music festival. Therefore, often I adjust my trips to some concerts or, if I fly somewhere, I look for some concerts there to attend. If talking about directions, I really like Iceland and the States, and I recently discovered Portugal and surfing. The latter is not an easy task. The films show that conquering a wave on board is easy, and it looks sexy, right? So, this is not so at all. True, I did not even suspect how physical activity frees up and cleans the brain thoroughly. By the way, I like to travel alone. This is cool because you hear yourself and feel the place. Nobody distracts you. This is an important thing.

And how do you prefer to travel: light- handed or with a huge suitcase? What are your must- haves on the trip?

I learned to travel with a backpack, and that’s probably why I’m never again upset that the next trophy from the trip does not fit into my bag. I always want to get some cool stuff at home, especially from America. I never get on a plane without music, so I always take along professional headphones. I also take a book, because I love to read onboard, and a notebook for unexpected thoughts. By the way, long flights are for me: I like that I am out of my access zone, no one can disturb me, even if I really want to. At first I panicked: “No one can reach me for an hour,” and then I relaxed. Flight time is ideal to read, write and think.

Dasha is wearing: polo neck and trousers by Off-White; jacket by Ienki Ienki; sneakers by Sandro; suitcase by Have A Rest.

Can you recall some funny stories from a trip?

There is something funny and sad at the same time: I bought a ticket for Charles Bradley — by the way, for that festival in Santa Barbara — and a week before the festival he died. Such grim humor. But this is more about the fact that you should not hesitate and go to the concert of your favorite musician not to miss the opportunity to enjoy his/her work.

Do you have some kind of road mascot?

No, such things do not bother me at all.

What advice would you give the traveler?

Get out of the house and travel. No need to take a lot of things and even more — to be afraid. Take your passport and wallet along — and go!

My dream is to wake up in the morning, take a passport and fly somewhere, for example, to New Zealand. I realized that such dreams are more than feasible and that you don’t need to have a million for this. For example, I flew to the Björk concert for just one day. On my own. And this is cool.



Photographer: Yaroslav Bugaev
Stylist: Eugenia Skvarskaya
Makeup: Natalia Vasilyeva
Hairstyles: Lyudmila Agakhanova
Producer: Diana Melnikova
Video: Maxim Ohrimenko
Suitcases: Have A Rest

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