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Photo Story by Have A Rest
Photo Story by Have A Rest

Have A Rest smart suitcase brand is launching a new adventure and adventure campaign. Shooting became a real manifestation of freedom of movement. Her main idea is that sometimes for adventures and cool vacations, it is enough to simply find yourself in a new and unusual place.

«This project was born with photographer Xenia Kargina, who shoots for Vogue Ukraine, Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel Ukraine and she loves to travel. Xenia suggested to create a photo story that the adventure is always near, literally around the corner. As a result, a small "series" has come out that motivates the viewer to buy a ticket on their own journey as soon as possible», — says Alina Dolinina, the founder of Have A Rest

In today's world, you can be anywhere, anytime. The main thing is to be prepared for miracles and to be able to notice them, and Have A Rest takes care of your luggage.

«The dream of adventures comes from childhood, and turning dreams into reality is always a matter of freedom. Here's our photo story of just taking your suitcase in and figuring out a little trip. As big as you like. After all, according to the French writer and traveler Michel Pessel, the adventure can only be created — it is senseless to wait for it ”, — comments the camp photographer Xenia Kargina.

The shooting took place in five metropolitan locations: from the Palace of Marriages at VDNH to the Kiev Sea. The main characters in the story are suitcases in shades of Sweet Marshmallow, Sunny Lemon, Red Kiss, Wonder Ocean and Cool Gray.

Photographers — Ksenia Kargina, Style — Sonya Soltes, MUA — Terezka Fras, Producer — Anja Kowalska.

Founded by Alina Dolinina in 2017, Have A Rest specializes in the manufacture of smart suitcases and leisure accessories. Luggage features Have A Rest — built-in USB port and Power Bank in suitcases in size S (carry-on luggage), and scales in suitcases in sizes M and L.

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