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Travel is an integral part of modern and successful lifestyles. Today you can stay in Moscow, tomorrow in Paris, and the day after tomorrow in Rome. Suitcase on such a schedule, of course, becomes one of the "best friends".

Let us remind you that a suitcase in the size of a carry-on has a built-in USB port and Power Bank included, and a checked luggage suitcase — built-in scales that will help to avoid overloading before arriving at the airport.

Have A Rest introduce you to the most trendy colors that will complement any look. But the main thing is mobility and comfort. Especially if there are baby things in the luggage.

Two young and successful mothers Yasmina Muratovich and Eugene Pavlin tell how they travel with young children, mention the unpredictable situations at the airports when there is no charge for the iPad and iPhone, and share plans for the next vacation.

About traveling with children

Yasmina Muratovich,
co-owner of the Coffee Bureau Café Network,
with her son Danilo

Yasmina: I know that some girls sit at home after having children. We went on a baby trip when he was only three months old. Of course, this is quite early. But my husband wanted to ski so much so we did it. The son was breastfeeding, and it was very comfortable, he was calm and constantly slept. We brought his nanny, so there were no problems at all.

Eugene Pavlin,
designer of Sodade hats,
with her daughter Magdalen

Zhenya: Traveling with your baby for up to a year is a complete pleasure! When Magdie was three and a half months old, we flew to Thailand. However, without a nanny, we flew when she was not the first two and a half years.

Yasmina: So Magda has been with you all the time?

Zhenya: Yes. And since I lead a very movable lifestyle, it grows communicable and easily adapts to any situation, can sleep, even when around her a lot of noise. But if I have to go for a long time, Magda stays home with Dad. I tried to take Magdalen with me on a business trip, thinking that she was already old enough and that was normal. But I stopped doing it because if I am busy and she is sitting on my iPad at the time, I would feel guilty.

Yasmina: We live in the city and I don't want to take him with me to work and shoot. Grandmothers come only on weekends, so babysitting is very helpful. Previously, she always went on vacation with us, but recently we first flew to Cyprus without her. This, of course, was a test of strength. Not a minute's rest! But it was very cool in terms of rapprochement with the baby.

Zhenya: When I go somewhere with Magdalen, I try to organize everything so that most of the time I am with her. But if, for example, we go to visit friends who have a nanny, then in the afternoon we can be with the children, and in the evening, go somewhere without them. It is generally great to go on vacation with a group of friends whose children are about the same age as yours. Because in this case, they are constantly busy playing with each other and entertaining themselves.

Yasmina: I have few friends with children yet. So now my ideal vacation is with my husband. We have been together for 10 years and we have a goal to travel all around the world. I hope we can achieve it. Right now, I present him with a 30th birthday trip to New Zealand. We still dream of visiting Australia and Africa. And so I like Paris and Milan, though I know that many don't like it. But because I lived and worked in these cities, I know a lot of cool, non-tourist places. I still love Bali, I will go back there with my son. Japan is generally the best I've seen in my life.

Zhenya: Japan is a dream. All the friends who have visited it say that it is a completely different world. I want to go there for two weeks to have a look at not only Tokyo. And so I also like Paris, and at any time of the year. I love Barcelona, ​​Rome, Venice, I love Mykonos and do not get tired of going back.

About the travel packing

Yasmina: It takes me three hours for the pacing suitcase. Usually, I leave it for the night before departure. But I do not hurry to disassemble the suitcase — it can wait weeks and wait for its time.

Zhenya: By the way, Magdalene, I already give full freedom to choose the things that she takes with her. That is, if we need to get five dresses, I offer her ten, and she chooses. She also collects toys herself, she has her suitcase. We usually travel with two large suitcases and a smaller one. Hand luggage can only be obtained if we visit Saint Petersburg for the day.

Yasmina: I don't even know how to travel with a minimum of things. Even if I'm flying over the weekend, I bring a big suitcase with me. When flying with a man I bring two suitcases. All four are with the baby. Last year we went to Italy for a month and realized that we had nothing to do, so we had to send a car with things separately. Of course, we didn't need half of them. We will not do that anymore - it is easier to buy everything on the spot.

Zhenya: My luggage is always on the verge when I fly out, and when I fly back to make some purchases, it gets even bigger.

Yasmina: I have been traveling since I was 15. There was a time when I almost lived on a plane, so I already have a built-in weight sensor in my head. I understand if there is excess weight in the luggage or not.

About what to do at the airport

Zhenya: Usually, I wear leggings, a T-shirt on the plane, and I always bring a skinny hood with me. I use gym shoes, no shoes with heels.

Yasmina: In my case, it could be wide jeans, knitwear, or something cashmere in winter.

Zhenya: Yes, situations can be different.

Yasmina: When Daniel was three months old, we flew to France. Unfortunately, we were late on the flight back. There were no more flights. We found the Geneva-Saint Petersburg-Moscow ticket with difficulty, but as a result, instead of three hours, we got to Moscow all twenty. The son was very young at that time, so he calmly and easily endured such a delay. If that happened now, it would be much more complicated.

Zhenya: Well, now is the most difficult age - they are not too independent yet, they need to be controlled. And when they get older, they already start watching cartoons on the iPad, but of course, this should be limited.

Yasmina: Yes, the iPad is salvation, but not by myself, if a child is only occupied by an iPad, my conscience bothers me. So on the journey, I am still taking a package of books with me. It is difficult to get close to Daniel with the phone at once: "Mom, give me!" To be honest, it scares me. Hopefully, I can grow it without dependence on gadgets. Probably needs a second child to play with each other.

Prepared by TATLER with support from HAVE A REST.

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