Для всех желающих мы с радостью поможем оформить предзаказ по специальной цене - со скидкой 900 грн:


Размер S cо встроенным USB-портом и Power bank 4400 грн* 3500 грн

Размер М cо встроенными весми 4900 грн* 4000 грн

Размер L со встроенными весами 5400 грн* 4500 грн



Условия осуществления предзаказа: полная оплата до 21.12.2018 на карточку Приват Банк;

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Official guarantee for the suitcase —
365 days
If the suitcase breaks, we will substitute it with
a new one or return your money
Guarantee period

Have A Rest provides you with the 1-year guarantee from the date of the suitcase purchase, not only for the factory defects in these products, but also for mechanical damage, if any occur during the flight.

Power Bank guarantee from the manufacturer is 11 months.

According to the State Standard 28631-2005, the guarantee period from the date of retail sale is 70 days — for suitcases, briefcases and cases for documents.

The guarantee does not apply to

Wheel wear due to heavy use;

Defects resulting from improper use;

Damage due to improper storage;

Damage due to careless maintenance and care;

For the loss of a suitcase or theft of things from it during a trip;

Damage due to excess loads;

If the product is used for other purposes (including by third parties) or self-repair;

Scratches, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, mechanical damage, natural disasters.

Recommendations for use

Pack the suitcase in plastic wrap or other protective cases before registering baggage;

If possible, prevent shock to avoid damage;

Fill the suitcases and try not to transport them empty / half-empty;

Protect electronic devices, integrated into the suitcases, from water.

Guarantee return / Repair

The suitcase can be returned only if there is a guarantee coupon issued at the time of purchase with the date of the suitcase purchase.

If the damaged area can be repaired, Have A Rest specialists will replace/repair the damaged element.

Otherwise, at the discretion of the client, we can replace the suitcase with a new one or return money according to the value indicated in the check (the value that was established at the time of sale).

Costs of delivery for guarantee repair or replacement shall be borne by the buyer.

If you detected a defect during the guarantee period, please contact:

e-mail: or by phone: +380 (66) 116 40 01

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