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  • Size L with built-in scales 5900 UAH 4720 UAH

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Full payment before 14.01.2021 via Privat Bank system.

ETA of suitcases — 14.01.2021.

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  • Material: polycarbonate
  • Wheels: 4 double wheels, 360’ rotation
  • Handle: aluminum
  • Combination lock: certified TSA lock
USB port
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Indispensable set for both a long vacation in the tropics and for a romantic weekend in Europe:

  • Hand luggage with the built-in USB port and Power Bank will become an indispensable companion both during the flights with changes and for the unforgettable romantic weekends or business trips;
  • Suitcases of M and L sizes with the built-in scales for longer trips;

You can always put one suitcase into another for easy storage.

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