Для всех желающих мы с радостью поможем оформить предзаказ по специальной цене - со скидкой 900 грн:


Размер S cо встроенным USB-портом и Power bank 4400 грн* 3500 грн

Размер М cо встроенными весми 4900 грн* 4000 грн

Размер L со встроенными весами 5400 грн* 4500 грн



Условия осуществления предзаказа: полная оплата до 21.12.2018 на карточку Приват Банк;

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Have A Rest brand founder,
Alina Dolinina

For someone, the journey begins with buying a ticket to the city of the dream. For another one — from the moment when the plane takes off from the runway and carries them to the new countries, friends and adventures.

For us, the journey begins with the suitcase.

We used our best endeavours for you to get this very special travel-mood already at the stage of the trip prep.

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To inspire people to magnificent travels, that is to help them keep in mind the most important things, discover the world and themselves in it.

  • to develop the philosophy of beautiful travels in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to form a community of like-minded people who share the love of beautiful travels;
  • to develop a niche of travel accessories combining style and technological effectiveness.
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